3 Things You Need to Be a Changemaker

3 things you need to be a Changemaker

Many people believe that they can make a difference in the world. But how does it feel to be one of those few who do? You know, someone with an idea who makes it happen. Someone who stands up for something and gets things done? Being a changemaker is not easy; but if you have these 3 things, then you're on your way! Awareness, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship are all necessary components to becoming a Changemaker. Awareness is about making sure that people know what's going on out there. Creativity is about having ideas and knowing how to execute them properly. And finally entrepreneurship - this means being able to start your own business or manage others'.



First, you must be aware. Awareness of what is going in the world and how it affects your life and the people around you. Awareness of both historical events that have happened in the past as well as current events happening now; everything from politics to human rights issues.

The more awareness we can build in ourselves and others, the better off we are. Awareness is the first step to making a change for something you are passionate about because it allows us to understand our world more deeply and start working on possible solutions.

Then, once we have awareness of these issues, we must take action in order to bring real change into being. Awareness gives understanding, but that does not mean anything will be done without creativity or entrepreneurship behind the movement!



Next, you need creativity! Creativity can come in many forms: artistry (painting/dancing/music), writing skills (poetry/prose), architecture design...the list goes on. We all have some kind of creative ability within ourselves; sometimes just waiting for an outlet so it may shine through brightly again after being hidden for too long.

No matter what your creative outlet is, you need to allow yourself time everyday (or as much as possible) to express it. Whether through writing poetry or drawing sketches of the latest protest...whatever allows your creativity to flow out into the world and make a difference; do it! Creativity will help us find new ways of thinking about our problems in order to solve them more efficiently. It may even come up with solutions that have never been thought of before by anyone else- this is where entrepreneurial ideas are born from!


Entrepreneurial Mindset

Last but certainly not least, we all must develop an entrepreneurial mindset if we want change in our world today. To be successful entrepreneurs means being able to think outside the box and create solutions for problems that are running rampant around us. We all have different strengths within ourselves, but one thing is certain about entrepreneurs: they are not afraid to take risks!

If you do not think you can be an entrepreneur right now...that's okay too! It does not mean your efforts will be wasted if it is something else you decide to channel your energy into such as artistry or writing; we just need everyone working towards making a difference in their way without judgment from others!

If you are looking to make a difference in the world, Awareness, Creativity and Entrepreneurial Mindset will help get you there. Awareness of what is going on around us- both historically as well as currently; creativity that leads to new ideas for solutions or just ways to express your creative self; and finally an entrepreneurial mindset that takes risks while thinking outside the box.



These 3 things can be used individually but also work together when considering how they relate to Awareness + Creativity + Entrepreneurial Mindset = Changemaker!

Let's all try out these three things today and see if we can't start making this world a better place one day at a time with each act of awareness, creativity, entrepreneurship...or even artistry (painting, dancing, music), writing (poetry/prose) or architecture design!


Kenneth Choo

Author | Speaker | Consultant

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